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The second 2 MA operates successfully in "building market" thanks to the professionalism and expertise of the group of employees whose services it uses that can boast thirty years experience in the field of residential. The professional collaboration between the different figures of the company, allows the company to offer a "turnkey" covering all phases of work necessary for the accomplishment of the work. For years we are careful in the way we build, the environment trying to minimize power consumption and using alternative energy sources. As is now known, the annual energy consumption related to construction are about 40% of total consumption and shall be responsible for over 35% of CO emissions in the atmosphere .: The way to build, the materials and techniques used acquire in this context, a 'fundamental importance in a logic of development that safeguards the welfare of people. This approach requires a transition from an "old building" and a "new build" that involves a real and profound change in practices and behavior of all players in the construction industry. The basic principle of the new building is based on optimization of the price / quality ratio energy with the use of sustainable materials in order to reduce both the energy cost that its environmental impact. This modus operandi is the basis of the company philosophy of 2MA..



The second MA is mainly characterized by the following works:

  • Implementation of new or renovation of the existing works for residential and dining places, commercial and industrial;
  • Realization wooden buildings, also multi-storey;
  • Maintenance, construction and renovation of civil and industrial buildings;
  • Achievements sewer and roofing asphalt road;
  • Implementation of new or renovation of the existing electrical, plumbing, sewer, fire protection and alarm systems;
  • Implementation of photovoltaic systems;
  • Assembly and dismantling of scaffolding for any work;
  • Movements earth;
  • Technical assistance and document the site.


The second MA sagl, the view that the quality always plays a significant importance in the operation of a business, is being equipped with a quality system based on the following main objectives:

  • Systematic research of customer satisfaction;
  • Continuous adaptation of business capabilities to the needs of the market;

Reduction of errors, deficiencies and other factors undesirable. For the above reasons MISUSE company is directed to a Management System of Quality Management in order to constantly monitor their activity.



The pool of technicians and workers of which involve boasts multidisciplinary experiences in the field of public and private. We hope it can be of your interest, we remain at your disposal for any clarification and elaboration.